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nodawnnoday's Journal

so I stayed in the darkness with you
1 July
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ships & show

Skins (Cook/Effy, Cassie/Sid, Cassie/Chris, Tony/and who ever the fuck he wants), Twilight (Jacob/Bella, Sam/Leah), Lost (Jack/Kate, Charlie/Claire, Boone/Shannon, Faraday/Charlotte) TVD (Damon/Elena, Stefan/Caroline) Pretty Little Liars (Aria/Ezra), The Hunger Games (Peeta/Katniss/Gale, Finnick/Johanna), Scrubs (J.D/Elliot before the show died), Gossip Girl (Chuck/Blair. period.), Glee, The OC, Degrassi, Hellcats, SYTYCD, The Daily Show, Steven Colbert, Avatar, HP. Stuff I am catching up one now : Merlin, Pillars of the Earth, Legend of the Seeker, Doctor Who, Greek (Cappie/Casey), BSG.
words of wisdom

"One consequence of all this is that everything attracts everything else with gravitational forces. The earth attracts the apple and the apple attracts the earth with the same force. The apple is the one that moves noticeably because it is so much lighter (and easier to move) than the earth."

-Jim Loy, "The Law of Gravity"

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